Influence by Joshua Miller

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Something Silly:

There is no sunrise or sunset. The Earth spins, the sun does not move. Thousands of years of observation from this planet cannot change these words.

Something Serious

No matter what we are influenced by, we can often control how we create to what we are told, modeled, or experience.

Leaders are a perfect example. 

  • They control 50% of every relationship but influence 100% of it.

Which is better? A #Leader with “Influence vs Control”

  • CONTROL: Unilateral ability to make something happen.
  • INFLUENCE: Ability to affect someone else’s thinking.

Successful #leadership is influence, not authority or control. Leaders should always be close enough to relate to others but far enough ahead to motivate them.

If you truly want people to respect your leadership, then prove to them they can survive & thrive even without you.

The best leaders have these 4 key influencing #skills:

  1. ORGANIZATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: They understand how to get things done and embrace the reality of working within organizational politics to move teams and important initiatives forward.
  2. TEAM PROMOTION: Leaders cut through the noise to authentically but credibly promote themselves & what’s good for the organization.
  3. BUILDING TRUST: Because leadership often involves guiding people through risk and change, trust is essential.
  4. LEVERAGE THEIR NETWORK: No leader is an island. They are empowered by their connections with others.

How important is an influential leader?

Let’s discuss. 

Joshua Miller is a Master Certified Executive Coach, who sets up Fortune 500 emerging and senior leaders for future success by upgrading their mindset, skillset, and performance so they can lead with purpose.

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