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Ziglar Legacy Certified See You at the Top Coach

Remember Who You Were Before the World Told You Who You Weren't.

You Can't Know What You Don't Know until You Know it.

I'm Danica Trebel, Ziglar Legacy certified Coach. Trainer, and Speaker

…and this is where I come in.

Life can be scary. Showing up for it can be even scarier. Doing either or both of these things requires more than book smarts and skills. Broadway taught me that. When I was coaching on the tour of Broadway’s most influential musical in history, one of the first things I noticed was the drive to be a more perfect perfect. The pressure of performing at such high levels took a toll on the cast members mentally and personally which impacted them professionally. 

Can you relate?

I’ve done enough life backwards to know what doesn’t work, and I’ve been trained by enough successful people to know what does. All it takes is one insight to change the narrative. Helping you discover that insight is what I makes it all worth it.

Signature Coaching Program

As one of only eight Ziglar Legacy Certified See You at the Top Coaches on the planet, combined with my own unique experiences, I bring with me over 50 years of Zig Ziglar’s proven strategies and systems. Being coached and mentored by some of the top names in personal development and having coached a cast member of Hamilton, I’m not surprised by much. I’m also not easily swayed by fame and fortune.

That simply means you’re more likely to give up on you before I do. 

 When you take fresh insights, habits, and support into your next level of success, you have a higher rate of long-lasting and generational results.

You deserve to enjoy what you’ve been working so hard to gain.

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